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Cardano Staking with HUG Stake Pool

Take Control, Secure Cardano, Earn Rewards

Stake with HUG

Let Your ADA Take Your Life to Higher Grounds

Join us and be part of the Cardano revolution, earn ADA rewards by staking to our pool [HUG], participate in the growing DeFi ecosystem, get involved within our NFT space and become a valued member of the Cardano Community 

Baremetal Relays and Core

High spec dedicated hardware used for our relays and our block producer. 32Gb RAM, NVMe data storage and Intel Quad Core i5 processors. 

Energy Efficient

HUG runs on hardware that is very energy efficient and cost effective to keep running 24x7


We contribute to the decentralization of Cardano as we are committed to only ever running 1 stake pool. We are proudly a Single Stake Pool Operator (SSPO)

Secure & Reliable

Reliable staking solutions, receive consistent rewards every 5 days. High luck pool at 108%. Staking on Cardano is liquid and 100% secure, you have complete control of your funds all the time. 


HUG stakepool is professionally operated by an experienced systems and network engineer with 15 years working in the IT industry

"We're Cardano, and if you'll permit us, we would like to change the world."


HUG Promotions

Because we are a Single Stake Pool Operator we are able to offer additional tokens that can be claimed on absolutely free.


We also offer great incentives by running limited time only promotions where we offer blue chip Cardano native tokens to our delegators on top of their normal rewards.

Previously we have run 2 rounds of the MELD token promotion, where we paid out nearly 200k MELD tokens to HUG delegates!


To keep HUG competitive we will run several incentive programs and giveaways to our delegators.


Delegate to HUG today and keep updated with future token promotions by joining us in Discord and following us on twitter.

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years Experience




Pool Fee


Operator Margin


Delegator ROA

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your ADA?

Like what you see? Great, simply hit delegate below to stake your ADA with HUG Stakepool

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