MARGIN: 2.00%



Happy Staking by HUG

Be happy and maximise your ADA with HUG ADA stakepool - Dedicated infrastructure managed and secured by an IT professional - Single stake pool helping decentralise Cardano and donating 20% of pool operator rewards to mental health charities.


  1. Donate 20% of operator pool rewards to charities CALM & MIND

  2. Loyalty scheme. 25 ADA to the first 6 loyal delegates when we produce our first block 

  3. Secure reliable infrastructure - for maximum rewards

  4. 2% Margin will never be increased 

  5. Decentralized

Read more about the pool, the charities and the loyalty scheme below.


Happy staking and feel free to get in touch via the website or twitter @HUG_Pool

About the Pool

The pool setup is as below, but will continue to grow and be upgraded when necessary. It has been designed and built to Cardano Foundation and IOHK specifications. 

  • Bare metal servers managed and monitored locally by an IT professional.

  • 8Gb RAM Relay and 16Gb RAM Producer (More relays to be added).

  • Relays and core node on separate dedicated hardware (no virtual machines sharing resources).

  • High performance network connectivity.

  • Enhanced security & key management with air-gapped PC.

  • Energy efficient infrastructure.

  • Management and monitoring PC.

  • 24/7 runtime, seamlessly helping the Cardano blockchain eco system and decentralization

About Me


My name is Mark and I have over 10 years’ experience working in the IT industry, my main skills are system admin and network engineering. Currently, I'm a network engineer working for one of the largest NHS trusts in Europe, which has over 25k devices connected to the network. 


Mental Health Charities

Here at HUG we want everyone to be happy all the time, so by simply delegating to us you can passively help us contribute to some great mental health charities. 

We will use our own profits to donate 20% to MIND or CALM mental health charities. That means all your rewards stay the same and are never used for donations, you still earn maximum rewards. As a minimum these charities would receive 68 ADA between them if we successfully create a block in a particular epoch. 

CALM LOGO DARK BLUE - RGB_edited_edited.

Loyalty Scheme

HUG staking knows how important it is to earn maximum rewards on your ADA, so we would like to offer a loyalty scheme to our delegators. The first 6 people to stake with HUG will receive 25 ADA each when we successfully mint our first block.

After our first successful block we are thinking of running a monthly raffle draw for 100 ADA, but first we need to get that first block milestone.

Keep informed with the loyalty scheme by following us on twitter @HUG_Pool and see the stake addresses below that are due to receive the 1st  loyalty reward of 25 ADA each.

Stake Address
Date Delegated
25 ADA
25 ADA