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HUG Staking

​Hello and welcome to HUG Staking! We are a Cardano ADA Stake pool, operating since epoch 262. By staking your $ADA with us you will earn between 3-5% in ADA rewards, passively donate to charities and earn extras such as MELD tokens. Check out the highlights below: 

  • Earn $ADA and $MELD tokens!

  • A Mission Driven stakepool, we donate 20% of our 340 fee to Mental Health charities.

  • 80% of our 340 fee goes into MELD and we distribute them to our delegates proportionally to their stake. 

  • Our IT infrastructure runs on bare-metal servers and is secure, reliable and energy efficient. 

  • Our operator margin is low at 1%, delegates get 99% + Additional MELD tokens 

  • We are part of CSPA, MDP and xSPO alliances.  

  • We are always available and active in the Cardano community

  • We are completely not-for-profit until we get a good base level of stake.

Read more about the pool, the charities and the extra tokens we offer below!


Happy staking and feel free to get in touch via the website or twitter @HUG_Pool

Mental Health Charities

Here at HUG we want everyone to be happy all the time, so by simply delegating to us you can passively help us contribute to some great mental health charities. 

We will use 20% our own profits to donate to mental health charities. That means all your rewards stay the same and are never used for donations, you still earn maximum rewards. Please see the link below for a list of past and future donations.

Mental health charity donations

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We at HUG are offering additional tokens to our delegates for a limited time only! if you stake with us you will receive a share of $MELD tokens proportional to your stake in our pool. That means if your stake has a 10% share in our pool, you will receive 10% from the pot of MELD tokens. Think of it like our very own ISPO. Every block we produce will give you ADA rewards and MELD. 

For more information on MELD check out their website and whitepaper at

We will use 80% of our 340 ADA fee to buy MELD and allocate them to delegates. You will then be able to claim your tokens via or Seal Pools VM or by sending us a small fee to cover the transaction cost of sending native tokens to you. It's essential to join our Discord server and follow us on twitter @HUG_Pool to keep up to date with developments. 

We haven't set a date for distributing the MELD yet. We will announce the date here, in discord and on twitter. 

Delegates can view and track their MELD earnings here

About the Pool

The pool setup is as below, but will continue to grow and be upgraded when necessary. It has been designed and built to Cardano Foundation and IOHK specifications. We are a Single Stakepool Operator (SPO) and always will be.

  • Bare metal servers managed and monitored locally by an IT professional.

  • 2 x 16Gb RAM Relays and 1 x 32Gb RAM Producer.

  • Relays and core node on separate dedicated hardware (no virtual machines sharing resources).

  • High performance network connectivity.

  • Enhanced security & key management with air-gapped PC.

  • Energy efficient infrastructure.

  • Management and monitoring PC.

  • 24/7 runtime, seamlessly helping the Cardano blockchain eco system and decentralization

About Me


My name is Mark and I have over 10 years’ experience working in the IT industry, my main skills are system admin and network engineering. Currently, I'm a network engineer working for one of the largest NHS trusts in Europe, which has over 25k devices connected to the network. I am also an under 10s football coach qualified to FA Level 1 :-)