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Staking Cardano ADA 
with HUG Pool

Our Services

Reliable, Secure, Energy Efficient Staking on Cardano

We provide staking services on the Cardano Blockchain, simply staking your ADA with us will earn you between 2.5 & 4% compounding rewards. We are a single SPO running since epoch 262 on bare metal servers. A secure, reliable pool with 250+ mainnet blocks produced. 

Pool infrastructure:

The pool setup is as below, but will continue to grow and be upgraded when necessary. It has been designed and built to Cardano Foundation and IOHK specifications. We are a Single Stakepool Operator (SSPO) and always will be.

  • Bare metal servers managed and monitored locally by an IT professional.

  • 2 x 32Gb RAM Relays and 1 x 32Gb RAM Producer.

  • Fast NVMe storage on all nodes. 

  • Multiple relays and core node on separate dedicated hardware (no virtual machines sharing resources).

  • Backup producer node.

  • High performance network connectivity.

  • Enhanced security & key management with air-gapped PC.

  • Energy efficient infrastructure.

  • Management and monitoring PC.

  • 24/7 runtime, seamlessly helping the Cardano blockchain eco system and decentralization. 

Token Offerings & Promotions

HUG offer extra incentives to delegates. We have previously run 2 promotions offering MELD tokens, where we used our own pool profits to by $MELD and rewarded them to our stakers based on how much ADA they staked with HUG. In total 200k $MELD was payed out to delegates, during this promotion.

Furthermore by staking with us you can claim a bunch of Cardano tokens from websites such as, and These include popular meme coins such as $HOSKY Token and our very own $CAGE coin. 

Future promotions are always in the pipeline so stay tuned by following us on twitter  

Charity Donations to Mental Health Causes

Here at HUG we want everyone to be happy all the time, so by simply delegating to us you can passively help us contribute to some great mental health charities. 

We will use 20% of our own profits to donate to mental health charities. That means all your rewards stay the same and are never used for donations, you still earn maximum rewards. Please see the link below for a list of past and future donations.

Total donations to date: 1333 $ADA




Friendly Community

Join our Discord to chat amongst past and present delegators, its a great place to ask questions, chat, suggest ideas, discuss Cardano projects and much more! Best of all we are all really friendly and helpful.

We are also part of several alliance's, such as CSPA, xSPO and Armarda Alliance. 

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