By simply delegating to HUG you will automatically be entered into the monthly raffle draw! 1 lucky delegator could win up to 300 ADA on top of their standard delegator rewards!

The raffle runs every month ONLY IF HUG pool mints a block in that month. The more blocks we mint, spread over 6 Epochs, the bigger the prize ranging between 50 & 300 ADA

Raffle Process

Delegate to HUG

Simply Delegate to HUG pool from your wallet. This wont work from an exchange, see how to stake


Fill in the below form to register your prefered payment address. This address must be associated with your delegated stake address.


Raffle number will be assigned to you based in order of delegation date. The draw will be streamed live after every 6 epochs (1 month)

Raffle Registration Form & Terms

To be eligible for the raffle please fill in the form here


  1. Minimum 100 ADA delegated to HUG

  2. Registered payment address that is linked to the delegate stake address. Payments will not be paid to an address linked to a stake address not delegated to HUG pool. 

  3. If the stake address hasn't registered a payment address a message will be put out on twitter to find the delegate. If there is no response after 3 days the draw will re-run. 

  4. Must be still delegated at the draw date and have been delegated for at least 2 epochs (10 days)

  5. HUG pool must mint a minimum of 1 block in the previous 6 epochs for the raffle to run.

  6. The second ever block produced by HUG pool will be the reference starting epoch


By staking with HUG you will automatically have a chance to win up to 300 ADA. The more people staked with HUG pool, the more likely the maximum prize will be.


Prize breakdown:

  1. Successful block in Epoch 281 = 50 ADA

  2. Successful block in Epoch 282 = 100 ADA

  3. Successful block in Epoch 283 = 150 ADA

  4. Successful block in Epoch 284 = 200 ADA

  5. Successful block in Epoch 285 = 250 ADA

  6. Successful block in Epoch 286 = 300 ADA

  7. Live raffle draw. 

6 Epochs generally span 1 month, so if HUG pool manages to create a block in all 6 epochs the maximum payout would be 300 ADA. Another example is if we mint a block in epoch 283 and 285 only, that would mean the raffle would run for 100 ADA.

The first raffle will run from the 2nd block ever produced by HUG pool and that particular epoch will be the reference epoch for the monthly raffles. 


Raffle winners will be listed here: