How to Stake ADA

Staking your well earned Cardano ADA has got to be one of the first and best things you can do. You have bought Cardano for the long term so rather than it sitting there doing nothing you might as well let it work for you and stake it to earn rewards or "interest". This not only increases your owned ADA every 5 days, but you are actually helping secure the Cardano network. It's completely safe and you always have full control of your ADA.

SO, I've just bought some ADA, How do I stake it?

Create Wallet

Download, install and setup an official Cardano wallet: DAEDALUS or YOROI from

For mobile users download the YOROI app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Please beware of scam apps!, the provider of the official app is EMURGO Co. Ltd

Send ADA

This is the most worrying part for most people new into crypto... it was for me anyway :)

In your new wallet find your new wallet address and copy it exactly.

now go to your exchange and withdraw your ADA to your new wallet address.

watch for the transaction within Yoroi\Daedalus

Find a Pool

Excellent you now have full control of your ADA. To make the most of it find a stake pool that suits you. Some people go for the large pools with max rewards and some go for charity pools that help the community. Its entirely up to you, but please consider us @HUG. is a good resource for this. 


Now you have decided which pool you want to delegate to search for them in DAEDALUS \ YOROI and click delegate. This costs a 2 ADA deposit that you get back when you stop delegating. 

If you like multiple pools create a second wallet.